Help Me Pick a Mirror!

After a failed wax ring around our half bath toilet and subsequent water leak, we found ourselves with a decision to make. Replace the ugly vinyl plank floors with more ugly vinyl plank floors, or re-do the whole thing. We picked the latter and got busy.

Here is the before –


We have successfully removed popcorn and refinished the ceiling, stained the vanity, removed old trim, removed the big old builder-grade plate mirror, painted, and now are installing floor tile.

We are planning on keeping the bar-style horizontal lighting in this room since I don’t want to deal with drywall patching issues. I have picked out a fixture set for the towel ring, paper holder, etc. however I cannot decide on a mirror shape! The original mirror I picked out was rectangular and mother-of-pearl but it ended up too ivory for the floor tile.

HELP! Oval or rectangle?!?

Here is the design board (made on handy Polyvore) for our downstairs half-bath.


Most of this is the exact items going into the room, with the exception of the vanity- this is just an example of the wood tone we are using. Wall color is BM Normandy.

The Chrome and Porcelain Fixtures are Gatco Franciscan Collection.

Here is a close-up. This porcelain and chrome is the design of the TP holder, towel ring, shelf unit, and mirror.


I like how the Franciscan collection’s porcelain details feel kind of Victorian to me – especially paired with the pinwheel mosaic floor tile.

Gimme a hand here people!





DIY Old Ceiling Fan Refresh

Jered put on Barefoot Contessa and went upstair to take a nice little afternoon nap. So, since both my guys are down for the moment, I figured I would show y’all another one of my recent projects!

Remember that gorg ceiling fan I showed you that plugged into the wall? The one in the front room? With the swag kit? It was terrible.

Turns out that there really isn’t an electrical box there (I don’t know why we thought there might be one). This means that until we have worked an electrician into our budget, we are stuck. Instead of taking it down, we have decided to leave the monster up for the sake of Caseybear in the hot Texas summer. I couldn’t just leave it looking like that though, so I reached out to my BFF. Rustoleum ORB spray paint.

A few coats later, and some switched out glass shades, and you MIGHT not be able to guess upon FIRST inspection at least that its like fifteen years old. It was a pretty straightforward DIY that didn’t really SAVE us a lot of $$ since ceiling fans are pretty cheap, but I really didn’t want to invest in a second wall plug-in fan.

DIY Old Ceiling Fan Refresh

First, before you try to refresh any old ceiling fan, MAKE SURE that the power at your breaker is switched off.

This is important if you don’t want to (maybe) die. Even though I was well aware that our fan was plugged into a power strip (that when unplugged could not POSSIBLY have any power in it), I was still scared during the wiring bits of this.

Next, unscrew and remove the fan blades. Then remove whatever housing and light kit you’re having to deal with, ours removed with just a few small screws.

When you get the housing for the light kit off, it will more than likely be hanging by some wires. unscrew the plastic caps the hold the wires together, and set them aside. Wrap all of your wire ends with electrical tape, so as not to get spray paint on them later. Stuff scrap paper or newspaper in any crevices you don’t want painted, so as not to get those electrical bits covered in paint. (If you do, you can use a pair of wire strippers to remove the ends and reveal a fresh connection.)


Remove whatever cage is around the base of the fan from your ceiling, and you should be left with a stub of a fixture. I taped and papered all around this thing so that my precious popcorn ceiling would not be compromised by ORB (what a shame that would be.) A few spritzes of spray paint should do.


MASTER TIP: Use a box or large piece of cardboard/styrofoam to hold behind the fixture while you are spraying to catch the excess paint. You don’t want to end up with speckled furniture or rugs.

Open your windows and let this dry.

Lay out all other visible pieces that you have removed and give them a few coats of ORB, letting dry in between.


Piece that franken-fan back together and enjoy that you have now marginally improved one part of your room. Lol. When reattaching wiring, remember righty-tighty lefty-loosey when swirling the wires back together. “Swirling” sounds pretty pro right? Im practically an electrician.

So it kind of seems like a lot of work, but I have enjoyed the improvement without any real cost until we can find a better way! I stole a better set of glass shades from another room that we barely use, but if you don’t have extra you can purchase them for not very much at any home improvement store!


Easy peasy.

Not too long ago we had our first experience with scraping popcorn ceilings. We are planning on accomplishing MOST of the scraping within the next year. PROGRESS ❤



A New Light

I have been a lazy bum recently. I apologize. Jered is off for the summer and I have found myself wrapped up in the glory that is getting to spend time together. So sue me. 🙂

Lots of stuff getting done, but not a lot of sharing, which needs to change.

Therefore, today I bring you one of the easiest room “makeovers” you could do; the entryway! Reimagining an entryway/foyer can bring a whole new feel to your home, and its the first thing people see when they walk in. Don’t you want that first impression to be welcoming? It would appear that the answer, for the former owners of our home, was a resounding “NO.”

If you read ANY of my other posts you probably saw me complaining about the sad excuse for a light fixture that existed in our foyer. This “chandelier” was only the first issue. The stair rail was in bad shape, there is terrible linoleum tile, it just wasn’t perty.


But now, its better! The linoleum is still hangin’ on, but I’d say we have made some great improvement in a short few months and for little effort and $$.

The first and most exciting thing in my eyes is that new light. We found this chandelier, (but in the five-light version that now appears to be discontinued), at Home Depot for like $150. We picked out a nice simple ceiling medallion, and let our friendly AndyOnCall guy install it for us for a small fee. Seriously we were NOT gonna do this ourselves, the height of the foyer made it too intimidating. I didn’t even think they made ladders this big.


(Also, they are so nice and always do a great job! I highly recommend them!)


I am so excited with the switch, I cannot imagine keeping that old weird fixture as the first impression of our home. It just wasn’t happy. This 16$ ceiling medallion (also from Home Depot) will look great with our one-day-to-come crown moulding! But thats another day.

Another project that I took on was staining the hand rail going up the stairs. The existing finish was in bad shape, dull, cracking, and that ugly orange honey oak color everyone loves so much.

After some research online, I decided on a gel stain. I took a chance, against everyone’s recommendation, and went with Minwax Gel Stain in Hickory. I just didn’t want to wait to get the General Finishes option shipped to me, though I hear it’s fantastic.


I could not be happier with how it turned out. After a light sanding, and wiping with a wet cloth, I simply put on some rubber gloves and a lint-free sock over my hand and wiped it on. I used a small foam brush to get the tight corners. Like some, I didn’t like the shade of the coat when wiped off, so I decided to put on a VERY thick single coat without wiping the stain off. I will warn that it took like three weeks to dry to the point that it wasn’t tacky. I did pick a very humid week to tackle this though, I am sure this didn’t help. Here are some before & afters for you! Whole project cost like $15! Plus I have enough left over that I can stain all of our three bathroom vanities! (I think.)




We found a silly little indoor-outdoor rug on sale for $26 on Wayfair that echoes the design of the ceiling medallion and had some great color in it! It has held up very well so far. Little stool is from target. I also sprayed the door knob ORB until we can get a new paneled door for that closet. I’d say the feeling of our foyer is just a little more welcoming now. 🙂

lr4040166-11 IMG_3786

Sorry that first pic is grainy, it was a photo from the listing when we bought the house. We also found a fun LARGE woven basket for that empty, bare, 80s plant shelf above the closet door.


Target had it priced at maybe $40, about HALF what I was finding elsewhere online for similar baskets. I love the texture it brings!

So thats what I’ve been up to. Happy hump day y’all! Thanks for reading!