Help Me Pick a Mirror!

After a failed wax ring around our half bath toilet and subsequent water leak, we found ourselves with a decision to make. Replace the ugly vinyl plank floors with more ugly vinyl plank floors, or re-do the whole thing. We picked the latter and got busy.

Here is the before –


We have successfully removed popcorn and refinished the ceiling, stained the vanity, removed old trim, removed the big old builder-grade plate mirror, painted, and now are installing floor tile.

We are planning on keeping the bar-style horizontal lighting in this room since I don’t want to deal with drywall patching issues. I have picked out a fixture set for the towel ring, paper holder, etc. however I cannot decide on a mirror shape! The original mirror I picked out was rectangular and mother-of-pearl but it ended up too ivory for the floor tile.

HELP! Oval or rectangle?!?

Here is the design board (made on handy Polyvore) for our downstairs half-bath.


Most of this is the exact items going into the room, with the exception of the vanity- this is just an example of the wood tone we are using. Wall color is BM Normandy.

The Chrome and Porcelain Fixtures are Gatco Franciscan Collection.

Here is a close-up. This porcelain and chrome is the design of the TP holder, towel ring, shelf unit, and mirror.


I like how the Franciscan collection’s porcelain details feel kind of Victorian to me – especially paired with the pinwheel mosaic floor tile.

Gimme a hand here people!