Inexpensive Art

Back when we were still living in our apartment I found myself looking for a fun piece of kitchen- or food-themed artwork to hang in the dining room. Everything that I liked from PB or BD or HD etc. was way too expensive unless I was going to get a poster print and that just didn’t fly. I, like everyone else in the world, wanted an expensive looking piece that wouldn’t break the bank.

I explored my options, and finally resorted to my old standby, eBay. I ended up finding a sweet little vintage Spanish advertising print (not Italian, thanks Jean for the tip!) for around six bucks. It features a cute pheasant, pretty colors, and bright red tomatoes. Perfect. It arrived on thick quality paper, with bright colors, and I was really excited about it. I think it is an advertisement for a canned tomato product.

We brought it to Michaels and used one of those 50% off custom framing coupons that they have every so often, but it still ran us about $200. Thats right, $6 art in a $200 frame and mat situation.





Call me crazy, but I think it was worth it. This could have cost $5-700 without the Michaels coupon and if I had paid for legit art, or an original version of this vintage advertisement in good condition. Also, The frame and mat look so expensive and nice that I am sure we will decorate around it for the rest of our days. It is our favorite thing in the house, and makes me unexplicably cheerful.

I am going to employ this cheap decor strategy again very soon with this vintage ad that has the perfect colors for our living room! I am in love with the little dogs.

Plus, you can buy frames and mats at Michaels or many other places and DIY it for WAY WAY less than what we paid and it would look just as awesome.

Tips for today:

1. Buy cheap art on eBay! I have never had a bad experience. If you want, you can splurge on a gorg frame. Or not!

2. Vintage advertisement reproductions make fun, playful, colorful art for any kind of decor. As an added bonus, using ads in different languages can make you look worldy! 😉

3. Don’t think you have to spend a ton on ANY kind of decor to class up your home. Think inexpensive and you will be way happier in the end because you can spend more on shoes.



4 thoughts on “Inexpensive Art

  1. Elsa, I did the same thing with a picture I found about 25 years ago. That was cheap, the pro framing wasn’t, but it has been hanging in every place we’ve lived since!

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