Master Carpenter

Ok so not really.

I didn’t have much time to write much so I thought I’d do a little “product review” kind of thing since we are so pleased with this purchase.

We recently nabbed a kitchen island/cart from Wayfair at almost 40% off! Score!

It is called the Moreton kitchen island, is manufactured by Crosley furniture, and comes with a choice of black or grey granite, stainless, or natural wood for the top. We got the stainless and it’s gorg. Also, the base can be ordered in black, white, mahogany (that is MAHOGANY!) and cherry woods.

This took me about 2 hours to put together with some help from Carter, and was pretty easy! Its possible it would take you less time without “help” from a toddler, but I’m not sure. 😉

I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing extra cabinet space/counter space, especially if you can get it on sale like we did.

It’s substantial, and high quality. It definitely feels like a much more expensive piece of furniture.

Here it is pictured covered in kitchen junk because I haven’t finished painting the insides of our cabinets yet due to the cold wet weather. 🙈 I uploaded this on my phone, and it turned out blurry and a weird size. Huh! My apologies.


Also, the intimidating mass of construction materials that I found when I opened the box.

I so hope it holds up! Putting my kitchen island building (OK so more like instruction following) skills to the test.

So fun watching a room start to come


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