90’s to New

Happy Superbowl! Hope its nicer wherever you live than it is here. Wind, sleet, and freezing temperatures have kind of dampened our spirits. Not feeling very well at all and had to stay home from work with a fever, but its nothing that greasy food and beer can’t fix I’m sure, right?!

I’ve got a short one for you today.

This is the first project that I embarked on when we arrived at the house and boy am I glad to have it out of the way. The super 90’s brass fireplace that I mentioned in my last post was beat up and sad, and looked like it wanted a facelift. After some research online, I came across what I figured was the easiest, cheapest, and most stress-free way to get a new look that I could love. SPRAY PAINT! Who knew that $7 at Home Depot could change my life?? The internets knew.

In particular, I was inspired by a post by Kim over on Sand and Sisal about how she gave new life to some assorted decorative accessories. Her stuff turned out awesome!

I poked around some more and determined that I loved the “ORB” look, and that I would make my weapon of choice the same can of glory that she had used.

RUST-OLEUM Universal Advanced Formula Metallic Paint & Primer in One…


Nifty graphic, eh? This stuff was AMAHZING and worked so well! Nice and easy to spray, with even application and not too much blowout. The ORB color looks EXACTLY as the top of the bottle, kind of a black with the tiniest specks of varied metallics. It dried to the touch in about 15 minutes.

I had taped scratch paper around the mantle and hearth of the fireplace, took a deep breath, and sprayed.

I think being a little nervous caused me to make a few too many spray trips across some of the larger flat surfaces, and I ended up putting WAY too much paint on.


Fortunately, the paint evened out for the most part while drying, and with some SUPER fine sand paper and touch up sprays, these drips met their doom. Learn from my mistakes people. Be confident that the coverage from this spray paint will get the job done, you don’t need to go over it a million times!

Without further ado…

PicMonkey Collagefireplace

(I think you can click that and make it bigger if its showing up small.)

BTW this stuff is definitely as fume-y as the bottle warns, so when spraying a fireplace indoors like this, I recommend opening all possible windows and doors.

I am saving the FULL “after” of this fireplace for when we get the surround and hearth improved in the near future thanks to some cool cheap and easy updates. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks for reading y’all! Go Broncos! 🙂


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