My bad!

So the Holidays came and went and …. I am happy to say that after a TON of drama, we have settled into our new home! I did not want to start on the new house posts until we were actually sure that we would have one.. my bad guys -.-

I will spare you all the VERY gory details, since a post bitching about something that is (thankfully) in the past is only really interesting for .5 seconds. In a nutshell,

-We put an offer on the home and it was all good until the seller found out he had to track down a gazillion estranged family members to get permission to sell.. we pushed back closing.

-The seller tracked down said family members in record time and we were all set to close again pending a few signatures, when our lender “found out” at the last minute that a few months beforehand, FHA guidelines had changed, requiring borrowers to have been at their current place of employment for at least six months (I was at about 4 months employment at the time). We had to push the close date back another few months.

-On our way to closing last week we got a phone call saying that the Justice Department (responsible for getting closing papers to one of the seller’s estranged family members in PRISON in NEW YORK…LOL) had hung up on the title company when they called to find out why it was taking so long. We waited, and thankfully our lender and the title company were able to have us sign that day, we heard back Yesterday that the family member had signed and our loan had been funded. YAY.

SO we put in our offer in mid-late October 2013, we own our home in the very end of January 2014. Dayum! So happy it all worked out!

Now, I can share with you how happy we are to be here!

Drum roll please…. 



TA-DA! Yup, thats our first home. The home that we knew was ours all along. It put up a good fight, but we refused to give up and now it is ours. Thank you to everyone that got us were, we LOVE IT!

Now comes the fun stuff! I already have a qeue of projects that I have completed and photographed and am anxious to share!  

More to come soon this time I promise! 





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