Things Nobody Wants to Hear


The other day we got a phone call from one of our realtors. She informed us that after a long chat with the seller of our new home’s title company, they had discovered a bump in the road. More like an entire detour. A complete re-route that we could neither have expected nor could we do anything about. Like a detour that sends you down a back road, then provides less-than-obvious signage causing wasted time, gas money, and frustration. You get it. Derailed.

They informed us that in a bizarre sequence of life events, the seller DOES NOT ACTUALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELL THE HOUSE AT ALL. BAM. So there it is.

Eight days before closing, we find ourselves with half of our apartment packed up in boxes, having already given notice, and having to start from the beginning in our home search. Lets just say that we are not thrilled. Hopefully we can get some of our money back from appraisals, inspections, etc. to help out with the (at least one) extra month of rent we will have to pay at the (very much increased) month-to-month rate.

And I had a lovely “our first home” graphic all worked up too! Boo. I guess I can still use it…



Everything happens for a reason, right?? Pray that we find what we are looking for before we waste any more time and money!


Fall, Stress, and Paint Fumes

Its been a little while now, and though our home purchase is still pending, I figured I’d throw something on here to keep it fresh!

As of this week, Jered and I got engaged THREE YEARS ago! WOOHOO! We never thought that we would come as far as we have in life after what feels like such a short time, but boy are we excited for what is coming next.


This picture is from that spectacular fall day, 10/10/10, back in New York when it all went down. Needless to say, Fall is much prettier up there than it is here in the DFW area. Just this past weekend it was over 90 degrees and swampy as ever. Barf.

LOTS of things have been happening around here! Paperwork, inspections, appraisals, blah blah. Any and all of you that have ever gone through this are sure to know what I’m talking about. When they say buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, they are not joking. I am finding myself prone to miniature breakdowns stemming from document lists requested by our Lender that I receive while at work. Most are labeled something like.. “We need these by the end of the day today, so that our close date is not in jeopardy.”


But we will get it worked out in the end! And everything will be great. EVERYTHING WILL BE GREAT. Jered does an excellent job of getting me through these times. He is MUCH more relaxed than I am, thank goodness.

We spent the weekend packing some boxes and painting our living room, kitchen, and parts of the bedroom back to a lovely builder’s beige. Here are some dark, grainy before and afters for your enjoyment.


Don’t ya love that green!? We were REALLY bored of beige walls after our DC apartment. The problem we ran into there was that the ceilings were just so high that you couldn’t paint them without either hiring someone or renting a giant terrifying ladder, and we were ready for neither. We will run into this problem at the new house as well, but more about that at a later date. Its funny how sentimental you can get re-painting an apartment that you were only in for a year, even with the knowledge that something better is on the horizon. Its like we never even lived here!  That being said, we will certainly cherish the memories.

Thank you to everyone who wandered over and read my first post by the way! I Hope to have filled even an ounce of your daily boredom with my rambling! Feel free to give me some feedback/leave me some tales of stressful home purchases or painting stories to get us through the next NINE DAYS before closing! =p

Later y’all!